Sessions 1 & 2: Twitter

Microblogging using Twitter

Integrate Twitter into Your PLN Outline: Sessions 1 & 2

1. Create individual teacher Twitter account
2. Create a Twitter profile including a profile picture - your profile should describe your professional role, your interests, hobbies etc. 
3. Select a pre-defined template
4. Customize and edit the template
5. Follow me (@LoriAlighieri,  @LoriTech1) and all other class members as well as other educators on Twitter. Hint follow some that I follow.
5b. Add Security - people must send you an email to request to follow you
6. Follow education organizations on Twitter
7. Follow several news organizations on Twitter
8. Review Twitter terminology (such as but not limited to, Tweet, Re-Tweet, hash tags, Mention, DM- Direct Mention)
9. Review tools available to shorten web addresses (such as but not limited to
10. Tweet using a shortened URL in the Tweet
11. Tweet to our class hashtag which is, #PLN12
12. Tweet using other hashtags (in participants’ areas of interest)
13. Review use of TweetDeck (create and organize columns)
 14. Explore how Twitter can be used as a professional development tool
 15. Explore how Twitter can be integrated into the curriculum to enhance student learning

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