Sessions 3 & 4: Edmodo


1.   Create an Edmodo "Teacher" account and set up a profile – don’t forget to add a picture – no eggheads allowed! You may also want to create a second Edmodo account to use as a "student account." By using this additional account, I know exactly what my students can see.

2. Join our class on the PLN Edmodo discussion forum. The group code will be given to you in class.

3. Complete the class assignment posted on January 10, 2013
·         Read the articles (1 or 2 is fine) listed in the Nov. 15, 2012 post
·         Submit a comment/reply to this post regarding these articles
·         Submit a comment/reply to one of your group member’s comment reply
·         Submit your response to the Poll
·         Upload a word document

4. Post a note to our Edmodo discussion forum

5. Create an Edmodo group in your Edmodo account
·          Invite your classmates to join your Edmodo group (by sharing your Group Code)
·          Post a note in your Edmodo group
·          Post a note in your Edmodo group that has an attachment (an online resource)
·           Post a quiz in your Edmodo group
·           Post an assignment in your Edmodo group
·          Post a poll in your Edmodo group
·          Add a few online resources to your Edmodo library

6. Tag a post in your Edmodo group

7. Join educator communities in Edmodo

8. Post a note to an educator community (optional)

9. Post a comment to an educator community posting (optional)
10. Discuss how Edmodo can be used as a professional development tool

11. Discuss how Edmodo can be integrated into the classroom

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