Sessions 7 & 8: Diigo


1. Visit my Diigo library to see how this application can be used. click on the various "Tags" to see how I've organized my bookmarked sites.

2. Go to and create a new account. I would recommend using a school issued email so that you can register for a free Diigo Educator account

3. Go to Tools > Browser Add-onsBookmarklets Diigolet, bookmark, highlight, sticky note, share > Depending on the browser that you're using, you will either drag Diigolet to the tool bar or save it in Favorites

4.  Diigo also has a feature called Groups where a user can invite other users to contribute to a Group’s web resources. This is a great idea for use in the classroom where students can all contribute to the pool of web resources as well as to comment on those resources. For our class, please create a group and invite us to join. I'm at:

5. Add bookmarks (and a few pictures) to your library.

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