Sessions 5 & 6: Google Blogger

Let's Get Started

We will be using Google's Blogger to create our class blogs. Once you get to the main screen, you can either login (if you already have a GMAIL or Blogger account) or you can create a new account by selecting the, Create a Blog button. You do not have to have a GMAIL account to create a Blogger account, but you do need to supply a valid email address. You will be prompted to fill out the necessary information.

SO, let's start blogging!
  1. Go to
  2. Select the Get Started button, you'll now be prompted to create your Google account
  3. Now, Create a New Blog
    • Add a Blog Title - this will appear at the top of your blog
    • Add a Blog Address - blogger will check the availability for you - it may take a few atempts
    • Fill out the account form as indicated but it's best not to enter your full name in the Display Name field. 
    • Choose a template. You can change the template at any time by selecting the Customize button. 
  4. Blogger Options in the Dashboard: Most of the editing controls are available from the Dashboard (from the drop-down menu).
    • Post Option: Create and edit posts (dynamic content)
    • Pages Option: Create and edit pages (static content) 
    • Comments Option: Easily view readers' comments
    • Stats Option: See how many visitors you've had and where they're from
    • Layout Option: Customize your blog by adding Gadgets. You'll use the features in this option often
    • Template Option: Change the look and feel of your blog - personalize your space!
    • Settings Option: You can control all other elements of your blog here.
  5. More on the Settings Option
    • In  Settings (Basic): Add/Edit a Title and Description for your Blog.
    • In  Settings (Format): Set the Time Zone to Eastern.
    • In  Settings - Comments: Who Can Comment - Anyone (includes Anonymous Users)
    • In  Settings -  Comments: Set your comments option so that they are visible (in a new window) and include a time stamp.
    • Enable Word Verification so that computers cannot auto-post comments to your blog
  6. More on the Template Option: To adjust the width of your blog:
    • In Template, go to Customize, on the Blogger Template Designer window, go to Adjust Widths, Entire Blog, Set Between 800 - 900 px. Set the Right Sidebar to about 300 - 350 px.
  7. Please send me an email and let me know the "display name" that you'll be using on your blog as well as the blog/web address of your Blog.

Let's Start Blogging!

Now that you've decided on the focus and direction of your blog, it's time for the fun stuff! By successfully completing Assignments 1 - 4, you'll have a blog that you can be proud of!

Have fun blogging!

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