Sessions 5 & 6: Blogging Assignments 1 - 4

Assignment 1: Add the Followers Gadget

  • Add the "Followers" gadget to your blog: 
    • Layout Option > Add a Gadget > More Gadgets > Followers)
Assignment 2: First Post 

  • Based on what you've read, add a post that introduces your blog.

      • 1) Be sure to include the direction that you'll be taking with your blog. Who is your target audience? Is your blog instructional or informational or both? What do you hope to accomplish by blogging? 
      • Remember, the purpose of a post is to ignite a conversation. A post should be written in such a way that it will invite your readers to comment on what you've had to say. A simple technique to use is to include questions in the posts.
      • Be sure that you set up your post options so that comments are allowed.
      • Your post should also include an image/picture that makes your post more interesting.
      • Please remember to use spell check! It doesn't happen automatically like it does in Word, you have to select the spell check icon (ABC).

    Assignment 3: Adding Gadgets

    Let's customize our blogs by adding gadgets. The placement options of your gadgets will depend on which template you used to create your blog. Depending on the theme that you've selected for your blog, to get to the list of gadgets, select your blog's Layout Option

    The window that is now displayed is sort of a "shell" of your blog. Your will see the areas/sections (on your blog) where you can add a gadget. Click on "Add a Gadget" and there will be a fairly long list of options.

    a. Followers: If you haven't already done so, add this Gadget to your blog (so that you can get followers). Now, become a follower on your classmates’ blog (see links below). (For those of you that haven't sent me your blog address yet please email it to me and I'll add it to the list.)

    Linda's Blog:
    Michele's Blog:
    Janet's Blog:
    Paula's Blog:
    Maria's Blog:
    Carol's Blog:

    c. Link List: Please list the resources that you used for your blog as well as any web sites that you find may be informative and interesting to your readers. 
    d. Poll: Include a poll with questions that are related to your topic

    e. Blog List 1: Please include at least two blogs that are related to your topic in this list. For help finding relevant blogs, you can go to > More > Blogs.
    f. Blog List 2: Please include your classmates' blogs in this list. Also include a link to our PLN class blog and 
    my technology blog.

    g. Picture: Include at least 1 picture (gadget) on your blog. Be sure that the picture is related to your topic and adds value to your blog.  

    Text: Include a brief paragraph about yourself(no full names or addresses etc. safety comes first). Perhaps include where you teach, the grade level etc.

    Practice moving the gadgets around your blog until you get the "look" that you want.

    Assignment 4: Adding Posts

    How to Add a Post: Posts Option
    1. Select New Post (if editing, select Edit Posts)
    2. Type in your text
    3. Under Post Settings, Set Schedule to, Automatic
    4. Under Post Settings, Options, Select Allow Reader Comments
    5. Update

      Add Your Posts
    • Add a minimum of 3 additional posts to your blog.
      • Two posts should be developed primarily with text that pertains to your blog's topic/theme and should be about 1 -2 (brief) paragraphs in length. Each post must have a picture included. Align the pictures to the left or right of the text for a better visual display.
      • One post must include an embedded video (be sure to link here to see the "how-to" instuctions) that relates to your topic. Be sure to include text that describes the video that your readers are going to view.
    • Remember, a post is a type of "conversation starter". It should encourage your readers to comment on your post.
    • All posts should be set up so that a visitor can leave a comment.

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