Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Blogging!

After viewing the following video about blogs, please post a comment letting me know what you think about the upcoming blogging assignment. What do you think the challenges will be? What differences do you think there will be between blogging and a more traditional method of communication such as writing a paper or creating a PowerPoint? Be sure to include your name in your comment (first name only is OK).
Now, it's on to Blogging!!


maria l said...

Hi Lori,

I never quite understood how to navigate around a blog. One post takes you to another, to another person's blog, another date, etc. Now I'm starting to understand it all - thanks to you. I still think there will be challenges ahead. The biggest difference from blogging and writing a more traditional piece is this is so public! How do copyright laws play into blogging. I should Google it and find out. :)

Beth Hecker said...

Thanks for sharing the video. Now I can seem cool with my kids about blogging!!